Picture "land 003" (should be first picture in list): In this picture on the left side are the heater elements. I pulled the bottom left one out and a wire was attatched to the white part. It has one screw holding it to the metal plate. The wire went upwards to one of the other contacts, so I could not pull it all the way out. What we assume are the thermostats are in the middle. Then on far right behind the wires is another set of 3 white heating elements. The power comes in from the beaker box to another breaker inside this whole enclosure. From there the wire goes to the thermostat then to the heating elements on the right side. The elements on the left side go to the black object via red and yellow wires shown in picture "Land006"(should be 3rd picture in list). Picture "Land 005" (should be 2nd in list) is a closer view of the 2 plates, that I cant get to come out. Picture "land 007" (should be the 4th and final picture) is a view of the fan sitting on top of the elements.